Cooperstowners in Canada: Robin Yount

Kevin Glew runs down some of Milwaukee Brewers legend and National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Robin Yount's Canadian connections.

Message from Kevin Glew to Cooperstowners in Canada subscribers and supporters

This photo of Roberto Clemente with the 1954 Montreal Royals from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame's collection is what inspired the creation of this blog 11 years ago. April 12, 2022 Dear Cooperstowners in Canada subscriber, Thank you very much for supporting my Cooperstowners in Canada blog. It's greatly appreciated. For over 11 years,... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all of my loyal readers! I'm hoping to create a new and improved version of Cooperstowners of Canada in 2013, so stay tuned. Each year, during the holiday season, I look forward to receiving a Christmas card from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. If you have purchased a membership with the... Continue Reading →

Blog Jog Day

Hello Cooperstowners in Canada readers and visitors, Thank you to all of you who are loyal readers of my blog. I deeply appreciate your support. I have a passion for Canadian baseball history that I hope comes through in my writing. This year I’ve decided to participate in Blog Jog Day on Sunday, November 21.... Continue Reading →

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