Uplifting Canadian baseball photos/videos of the week – June 27

Few things were better than seeing Gary Carter smile in the 1980s.

By Kevin Glew

Cooperstowners in Canada

I’ve been posting an “Uplifting Canadian Baseball Photo/Video of the Day” on Twitter and Facebook.

I realize that many of you don’t follow me on social media, so at the end of each week, my plan is to share three of these posts with you (from the previous five days).

I hope these photos/videos will bring a smile to your face during these challenging times.

1. 19th anniversary of Stubby Clapp’s first MLB hit.

It was 19 years ago on Monday that this sparkplug Windsor, Ont., native walked to the plate and smacked a ninth-inning double off San Francisco Giants right-hander Livan Hernandez to record his first big league hit.

It was one of the most heartwarming moments in Canadian baseball history. A 5-foot-8, 175-pound infielder, who was selected in the 36th round of the MLB draft by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1996, Clapp was a longshot to make the big leagues. But through grit, hustle, hard work, heart and desire, he got there. He is a true inspiration.

My tweet commemorating his first hit was one of my most popular this week. Clapp, himself, even responded.

Screenshot_2020-06-27 (5) Kevin Glew ( coopincanada) Twitter


Screenshot_2020-06-27 (6) Stubby Clapp on Twitter coopincanada Barry Bonds chases it down Lol Twitter

2. 48th anniversary of Gary Carter signing his first contract with the Montreal Expos.

It was 48 years ago this past Tuesday that Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame inductee and legendary catcher Gary Carter signed his first contract with the Montreal Expos. I sent out a tweet on Tuesday to commemorate this transaction. Carter reportedly received a $35,000 signing bonus.

Screenshot_2020-06-27 (6) Kevin Glew ( coopincanada) Twitter

3. Carlos Delgado turned 48 on Thursday.

To celebrate Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame inductee and Toronto Blue Jays legend Carlos Delgado’s 48th birthday on Thursday, I tweeted out footage of his four-home run game on September 25, 2003 at SkyDome.

This is still the greatest individual offensive performance by a Blue Jay that I’ve ever seen — and likely ever will see.


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  1. Great stuff as usual Kevin. I just watched the entire game from the NLDS when Jim Fanning’s Expos (remember, he took over the field manager’s position that September!), edged the Phillies in the fifth game of the best of five. Steve Rogers, MVP, beat “Lefty”, for the second time in the same series, tossing a brilliant complete game that the Expos won in Philly 3-0. As good as Rogers was, how many pitchers in history could walk away from a best-of-five with a pair of complete games, and beating Steve Carlton in the process??? On top of his gem in game 5, Rogers stroked his second up-the-middle single in the fifth with the bases loaded to break the scoreless tie, bringing in a pair of runs, and alertly took second base when Philly 1B Pete Rose cut the throw home and tried to nail Jerry Manuel at 3B. BTW, after Rogers’ first base hit of the game in the third inning, wearing the traditional long sleeved jacket that pitchers would wear after reaching base, he attempted, and would have made it, to steal 2B! But the hitter fouled off the pitch. Loved, absolutely loved watching Fanning, Rogers, Carter & company celebrate a huge win, arguably the biggest win, in Expos history! BTW Kevin, or Scott, if you’re interested in viewing the game, I have it saved, actually, both Game 5 and Game 1, and can send them to you if you wish.

  2. Stubby, Gary and Carlos – Hard to pick three more loved guys in the game of baseball. All did so much for their country or teams or both!

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