10 years later – A look at 10 things I wanted to see happen in Canadian baseball in 2010

Ten years ago, one of the things that I wished would happen in the ensuing decade was that Terry Puhl (Melville, Sask.) be inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.


You could say I’m batting .500.

In my “rookie” year (2010) of this blog, I wrote down 10 things I would like to see happen in Canadian baseball in the ensuing decade.

I remembered that I had written this post earlier today and decided to see how many of my wishes had come true.  Like anyone, I’d rather be batting a thousand, but .500 isn’t too bad.

Check out my wish list from 10 years ago below. The wishes in bold have come true.


August 6, 2010

By Kevin Glew

Cooperstowners in Canada

In writing my blog entries over the past two months, I’ve expressed my thoughts and opinions about a number of things I would like to see happen on the Canadian baseball scene. For those of you who haven’t read my previous entries, here’s a summary of 10 Canadian baseball-related things (in no particular order) that I would like to see take place over the next 10 years:

  • Terry Puhl inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Larry Walker inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
  • Tim Raines inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Toronto Sun scribe Bob Elliott win the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s J.G. Taylor Spink Award and the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame’s Jack Graney Award.
  • Tom Henke’s No. 50 added to the Blue Jays’ Level of Excellence.
  • Carlos Delgado sign a one-day contract with the Jays, so he can retire as a member of the team. This would be followed closely by a ceremony that would add his No. 21 to the Jays’ Level of Excellence.
  • Former Jays GM Pat Gillick inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • The Washington Nationals honour the Montreal Expos retired numbers.
  • The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame get a new larger home for its museum and jaw-dropping artifacts.
  • Team Canada advance out of the first round of the World Baseball Classic.


14 thoughts on “10 years later – A look at 10 things I wanted to see happen in Canadian baseball in 2010

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  1. A well-organized “victory” parade on Ste-Catherine St for the 1994 Expos team while Felipe Alou is still in good health. He’s the Nelson Mandela of Quebec baseball.

    Any proud former Expo is welcome to join in.

  2. – Tony Fernandez and/or Roberto Alomar join the Blue Jays coaching staff (major or minor leagues)
    – A Canadian starting pitcher to live up to their promise and NOT get injured…constantly (i.e. Erik Bedard, Rich Harden, Jeff Francis)
    – Alomar in the national hall of fame in a Jays cap

  3. Pretty good list, but how can you not add the Jays winning the world series in there? Kind of ridiculous don’t you think?

  4. I’m with RJodoin on the Expos victory parade. And I’d like to see Bud Selig at that parade to publicly apologize to the people of Montreal for his role in destroying baseball in La Belle Province.

    Also, Jeffrey Loria put in stocks in front of Olympic Stadium and many buckets of rotten tomatoes for people to throw at him.

  5. Fergie Jenkins becomes an honorary Blue Jay for life, if such a thing exists. If it doesn’t, let’s invent it.

  6. Vancouver has a mild climate and a population that’s larger than those of several MLB cities. Do you think a team there is a possibility?

    1. I’ve often wondered about Vancouver, but it has never really been mentioned as a possibility. For years, Vancouver had a Triple-A team there. Now, I believe, they have a Single-A club. Vancouver is another hockey-mad Canadian city. They love their Canucks, but didn’t much like pro basketball. But it is a city that you would think that Major League Baseball has at least investigated as a possibility.

  7. I would say, bring back the Expos to Montreal.

    The Jays are in trouble they remind me of the late Expos years, MLB needs to create a rivalry between Montreal and Toronto, and we also know the existing rivalry between Boston and New york.

    it would be a natural rivalry, and why not a team in Vancourver to add to these two Canadian team, it would just help Basebal in Canada.

    Now the quation is, do Mr.Selig want to see that in Canada?

    he would be dumm not to, Montreal is the biggest market without a Basebal team, Montreal with close to 4 Million people would be one of the biggest market in population.

    If you add vancouver also which in population they are bigger than many cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Milwaukee.
    So Mr.Selig wake up and stop counting your 18 million dollar contract every year, and do something for Baseball.

    I would say bring a team to Montreal and eventually to Vancouver.

    God knows how many teams are in trouble Financially in MLB, we could say 6-10 teams with no problems.

    Wake up Selig.

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