But What Do I Know? … Prince Fielder, Jeff Mathis, Pedro Martinez

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 Wouldn’t it be boring if Prince Fielder re-signed with the Brewers and Albert Pujols re-signed with the Cardinals? This is looking more and more like a possibility.

 A couple of things about Fielder: he was not born in Toronto as some have reported. He was born in Ontario, California. Secondly, he has been estranged from his father for several years, so the idea that playing in Toronto might appeal to him because his father was once a Jay is a stretch.

 Now that surefire Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez is set to announce his retirement, the question is, should he be immortalized in a Montreal Expos cap on his Cooperstown plaque?

 This is a harsh assessment, but doesn’t the Brad Mills for Jeff Mathis trade amount to trading a pitcher who can’t pitch in the big leagues for a hitter who can’t hit in the big leagues?

 It’s sad that Ron Santo’s Hall of Fame induction will come posthumously, but it’s better late than never. What baffles me, however, is that former Yankees ace Allie Reynolds went from one vote away from enshrinement in 2009 (before the Veterans Committee format was revamped yet again) to receiving less than three of a possible 16 votes this time.

 The Minnesota Twins are reportedly interested in Victoria, B.C. native Rich Harden – the pitcher that I continue to think the Jays should sign and convert into a closer.

 Jon Paul Morosi, of Fox Sports, reports that the Pirates and Mariners are interested in Vancouver native Jeff Francis. The Canuck southpaw has also been linked to the Rockies and Dodgers this off-season.

 Nobody is a bigger Pat Gillick fan than I am, but how can he be a Hall of Fame general manager while Buzzie Bavasi is not. Bavasi, who was the Montreal Royals GM from 1948 to 1950, built four World Series-winning teams with the Dodgers, while Gillick has built three championship clubs.

 This may not be entirely true, but it seems like reviled former Expos owner Jeffrey Loria is spending taxpayers’ money on a new stadium in Miami and the Yankees’, Red Sox and Phillies’ money (from revenue sharing) on high-end free agents like Heath Bell and Jose Reyes? Some people cheer against the Yankees, I find myself cheering against the Marlins.

 People have asked me what free agent is most likely to sign with Toronto. My answer is Erik Bedard, who has built a home next to his parents’ place in Navan, Ont., is very close to his family and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Provided he stays healthy, he would be a useful pitcher in the Jays rotation or as a hard-throwing lefty out of the pen.

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  1. Kevin: I wonder about the Fielder thing — it really makes little sense for the Jays. And what about Janssen as the Jays’ closer? Throws strikes, throw hard enough, hardly walks anyone…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Rob. The stat that scares me about Janssen is that batters hit .346 (.433 OBP) off of him last season with two outs and runners in scoring position. He’s a decent reliever, but I don’t like him as a closer. But then again he couldn’t be much worse than Rauch or Gregg.

  3. So when is Pedro on Cooperstown ballot? 2014 or 2016? Rickey Henderson never officially retired and he was inducted 5 years after his last game? I think he would go in as a Red Sox.

    I am all over Bedard in Toronto. When healthy, he’s a Cy Young candidate.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Scott. Pedro will be eligible in 2014 (from everything I’ve read). I think he’ll go with a Red Sox cap, but it was in Montreal that he became a superstar. His last season there might have been the best of his career. Still, I’m almost certain he’ll have an Red Sox cap on his plaque.

  4. From Devon Teeple:

    Hey Kevin,

    As we discussed, Prince Fielder to Toronto is so unlikely in my eyes, but it’s is still great for gossip!

    I would love to see Pedro wear the “Spo’s” hat in a more than likely Hall of Fame induction, however I have a feeling that he puts on the Sox hat when it happens.

    Thanks again for the great notes. As always, informative and entertaining.


  5. great blog!! Glad someone else besides me noticed that the fact that Cecil played in toronto is no incentive whatsoever for Prince to come here.
    I like the idea of Bedard joining Toronto too, if the base price isn’t too high….but I like the idea of trading for James Shields better! Either seems far more optimistic a vision than looking forward to another year of hearing how great Kyle Drabek’s “stuff” is.

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