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That’s me on the right, with Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame board chair Jeremy Diamond, receiving the 2023 Randy Echlin Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award on Saturday. Photo: Callum Hughson

June 19, 2023

On Saturday, I was very fortunate to receive the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2023 Randy Echlin Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award at the induction ceremony in St. Marys, Ont.

I want to thank Scott Crawford, Jeremy Diamond and the Hall’s board for this great honour.

I knew Randy Echlin as a passionate Canadian baseball fan. We had many discussions about the Blue Jays and Expos before I even knew he was a judge. He was also one of the first supporters of my blog.

I miss him, but I’m honoured to receive an award in his name.

Most of you know that the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame has been a passion of mine for over two decades. My first involvement with the Hall came at a breakfast meeting organized by Chris West at the Westover Inn in 1996. I was a young buck writing notes during the meeting and I wrote St. Mary’s (with an apostrophe) in my notes. Suddenly, Lorne Eedy (who I had just met) reached over and scratched out the apostrophe.

“No apostrophe,” he whispered.

Ever since then, St. Marys (no apostrophe) has had a special place in my heart.

I’m not important enough to write something this long about an award I received. But I wanted to make sure to thank Scott and the Hall of Fame and ensure that people remember Randy Echlin and let them know how important he was to me.

Please go and visit the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Marys.


Kevin Glew

P.S. Also, thank you to my mom and dad for instilling in me both a love of baseball and a love of history.

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  1. Well you learn something new every day. There’ll be no more apostrophes here!

    Congrats, Kevin. Well-deserved for sure.

  2. Congratulations Kevin. I cannot think of anyone deserving that award more than you. Fantastic work over many years. I appreciate everything you do.

  3. This is Len Corben’s (apostrophe included) congratulations on Kevin Glew’s (apostrophe also included) Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award presented on Saturday in St. Marys (no apostrophe), Ontario.
    Final score: Apostrophes 2, No Apostrophes 1. One era.

  4. Congratulations, it’s a well deserved honour. Don’t ever be shy about accepting accolades for the great work you do in informing baseball fans about Canadian baseball history. Your writing is informative, entertaining & much appreciated!

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