Memories of getting Montreal Expos autographs by mail


During the summers of 1983 and 1984, one of the favourite ways for my brother Paul and I to pass our time was to write fan letters to big league baseball players and ask for their autographs. The Montreal Expos players proved to be particularly obliging.

I think the first player we heard back from was no other than Gary Carter himself, and once we realized that Expos players would send us postcards, we stopped including bubble gum cards with our letters.

Recently, I stumbled upon an old photo album that houses all of our Expos autographs from this era. Looking through the album was a wonderful trip down memory lane, so I thought I’d share these postcards with you. Hope you enjoy.

To view one more set of photos, visit my Cooperstowners in Canada Facebook page at: www.facebook/CooperstownersinCanada

Four Montreal Expos all-stars responded to our requests: Al Oliver, Tim Raines, Gary Carter and Andre Dawson. Notice the pinholes in the top of the postcards. At some point, we pinned these to our bulletin boards.
I believe the difference between the 1983 and 1984 postcards is that the 1983 postcards have the player’s name on the bottom of the front. Here we have autographs from the late great Charlie Lea, Jeff Reardon, Steve Rogers and Expo turned World Series-winning manager Terry Francona.

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