But What Do I Know? … Edwin Encarnacion, Roberto Alomar, J.P. Ricciardi

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 I still feel that Blue Jays fans are too harsh on Edwin Encarnacion, but I have to admit they are very clever. With his two errors at first base in Wednesday’s game, witty Jays supporters have taken to calling him E3 rather than E5.

 Send your thoughts and prayers to Montreal Expos great Gary Carter. An MRI on Friday revealed that he has four small brain tumours. In a release issued by the New York Mets and the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Carter indicated that he’ll learn more about his diagnosis on Thursday. “My wife, Sandy, and our children and family thank you for your thoughts and prayers,” Carter said in the release. “We ask that you please respect our privacy as we learn more about my medical condition.”

 Roberto Alomar has been selected to represent the Blue Jays at this year’s draft. I know he’s going into the Hall of Fame this year, but I can’t understand why the Jays continue to so strongly align themselves with the former second baseman in light of the allegations that have been levied against him by various women.

 In contrast, the Jays seem to have done very little to celebrate the career of their all-time home run leader Carlos Delgado, who retired earlier this season. My hope is that the club is quietly planning a Carlos Delgado day for later this season, where they will add his number to the Level of Excellence.

 The Jays released former Montreal Expo, Chad Cordero, from Triple-A Las Vegas on Tuesday, but they still have two former Expos – Juan Rivera and Jon Rauch – on their big league roster.

 I know, I know you hate former GM J.P. Ricciardi, but just remember, it was Ricciardi who acquired Jose Bautista from the Pirates in August 2008 for Robinzon Diaz.

 The news about Gary Carter, a 2001 inductee, has made a difficult year, even more difficult for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and its two devoted executives, Scott Crawford and Tom Valcke. Of the Hall’s 90 inductees, four – Sparky Anderson, Ron Piche, Reno Bertoia and Father Ronald Cullen – have passed away within the last 12 months. The Hall also lost faithful supporter, Gene Dziadura, the Chatham, Ont.-based scout that signed Fergie Jenkins, and this week, Valcke had to say goodbye to good friend Harmon Killebrew. Here’s hoping the next 12 months bring better things for these two gentlemen and the Canadian ball shrine.

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  1. This is a bit off topic Kevin but I thought I’d bring it up. I met Frank Tanana when he was in town a few weeks ago. It was a medium sized crowed so I got to talk to him a bit. He’s one of the most down to earth players that I’ve ever had the chance to meet. He made fun of himself quite a bit during his speech and he treated everyone who came to him like he knew him. Not everyone will agree with his religious message and that’s fair. I just wanted to say that he talked about baseball and his career in the way that we imagined it when we were kids. When I talked to him and gave him some gifts from the Hall he was gracious. He signed everything and anything people gave him. He ribbed the Blue Jays fans about ’87 and Verlander’s no hitter thrown that day. For just one day this 46 year old remembered what it was like to be 8 and sitting in centrefield at ol’ Tiger Stadium with his little League Team for his first game. The coach paid fot the whole shot. Now that’s Baseball. You may not believe this but I got my first and only live ball at that game. A little bit of magic in that old stadium.

  2. And now Billy Harris. Great Canadian Baseball stories are gone. Let’s hope the best for Carter. One of the best catchers of all time!

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