My Still Active Ex-Montreal Expo Team

With three products of the Montreal Expos organization set to perform in this year’s all-star game, I thought it would be fun to assemble a complete 25-man roster of former Expos that are still playing. Unfortunately, I came up just short. I discovered 23 ex-Expos that are still active (counting Nick Johnson and Grady Sizemore who are on the disabled list). Admittedly, the infield depth isn’t strong and we need a left-hander out of the pen, but the ex-Expo roster is still pretty impressive.

To qualify for my ex-Expo team, the players had to be either drafted or signed by Montreal or played a game for the team. Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone.

Here we go (the player’s current team is in brackets after their name):

Catcher: Brian Schneider (Philadelphia)

1B: Fernando Tatis (NY Mets)

2B: Brandon Phillips (Cincinnati)

SS:  Orlando Cabrera (Cincinnati)

3B: Geoff Blum (Houston)

Back-up infielders: Jamey Carroll (Dodgers), Nick Johnson (Yankees)*

RF: Milton Bradley (Seattle)

CF: Jason Bay (Mets)

LF: Juan Rivera (Anaheim)

Back-up outfielders: Matt Stairs (San Diego), Ryan Church (Pittsburg), Grady Sizemore (Cleveland)*

DH: Vladimir Guerrero (Texas)

Pitching Staff:

Starting Rotation:

1. Cliff Lee (Seattle)
2. Javier Vazquez (Yankees)
3. Carl Pavano (Minnesota)
4. Ted Lilly (Cubs)
5. Livan Hernandez (Washington)

Middle Relief

1. Miguel Batista (Washington)
2. Jake Westbrook (Cleveland)
3. Guillermo Mota (San Franciso)

1. Jon Rauch (Minnesota)

1. Terry Francona (Boston)

1. Brad Mills (Houston)
2. Ken Macha (Milwaukee)
3. Jerry Manuel (Mets)

* Indicates currently on the disabled list.

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    1. I thought about Zaun. I suppose he does qualify. He was signed by the Expos on January 13, 2004, but was released on March 8, 2004. So he didn’t play a regular season game with them, but he was signed by the Montreal, so I guess he would qualify.

  1. Very interesting article. Is Bartolo Colon still active? He was traded to the Expos by the Cleveland Indians

  2. I believe Bartolo has officially retired. The Expos were going for broke that year when they acquired him. In hindsight, trading Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips for him doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

  3. U forgot shaun hill who pitched for the jays last year And Juan Rivera now with Jays

      1. Catcher: Brian Schneider (Phillies)

        1B: Nick Johnson (Orioles)

        2B: Brandon Phillips (Reds)

        SS: Jamey Carroll (Twins)

        3B: Maicer Izturis (Angels)

        Back-up infielders: Raul Chavez (Mets Organization), Brendan Harris (Rockies Organization), Geoff Blum (Diamondbacks)*

        RF: Vladimir Guerrero (Blue Jays Organization)

        CF: Ryan Church (Free Agent)

        LF: Milton Bradley (Free Agent)

        Back-up outfielders: Juan Rivera (Dodgers)*, Grady Sizemore (Indians)*, Endy Chavez (Orioles)*, Jason Bay (Mets)*,

        DH: None because this is the NL

        Pitching Staff:

        Starting Pitchers:

        1. Cliff Lee (Phillies)
        2. Carl Pavano (Twins)
        3. Bruce Chen (Royals)
        3. Bartolo Colon (Athletics)
        4. Ted Lilly (Dodgers)
        5. Jake Westbrook (Cardinals)
        6. Miguel Batista (Mets)
        7. Tomo Ohka (Yokohama BayStars)

        Middle Relievers:

        1. Livan Hernandez (Braves)
        2. Jon Rauch (Mets).
        3. Luis Ayala (Orioles)
        4. Guillermo Mota (Giants Organization)
        5. Shawn Hill (Marlins Organization)
        6. Roy Corcoran (Free Agent)

        1. Scott Downs (Angels)

        1. Brad Mills (Houston)

        Espn Analyst
        1. Terry Francona (ESPN)

        * Indicates currently on the disabled list.

      2. I forgot about Valentino Pacucci- 1st Basemen in the Mets organization.
        I also forgot Chris Young- Pitcher in the Mets organization.

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