But What Do I Know? … Cito, Soccer Celebrations, Votto

My weekly opinions, observations and rants about some Canadian baseball stories:

 Cito Gaston has said repeatedly that his job is to put his players in positions where they will succeed. What could he have been thinking when he wrote John McDonald’s name down as the left-fielder who would be forced to endure the menacing sun at Yankee Stadium last Friday? Johnny Mac, who has seen little playing action this season, has played all of six games in the outfield in his entire 12-year career.

 Yes, Edwin Encarnacion should’ve ran out his sacrifice bunt attempt turned double play on Sunday, but Lyle Overbay should’ve ran out every ground ball he has hit this year. At least Encarnacion admitted he made a mistake after the game.  Overbay seems to get a free pass on his indifferent play.

 In an event rife with controversial omissions, Charlie Manuel’s decision to leave Canadian Joey Votto off the National League all-star roster is the mother of all omissions. This guy has been the best player in the National League so far this season and is the early favourite to win the MVP award. You can still help Votto attain a spot on the National League all-star squad by voting here: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2010/fv/ballot.html

 Call me a traditionalist but I can’t stand watching these prolonged soccer goal celebrations. Imagine if after hitting a home run, Vernon Wells ripped off his shirt and waved it in the air while rounding the bases. Admiring your home run for too long in the big leagues earns you a fastball between the numbers in your next at bat. Maybe a soccer ball between the numbers might subdue a soccer goal celebration or two. I enjoy entertainment in sports, but I enjoy modesty and sportsmanship more.

 I’m not sure I should be admitting this, but I happened to catch part of a documentary on Anne Murray on TV this past weekend. I had heard the Canadian songbird was a good golfer, but after watching old footage of her throwing a ball at a dunk tank event, I think she could’ve enjoyed a solid career on the diamond.

 Three Montreal Expos products will play in this year’s all-star game: Vladimir Guerrero, Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips.

 The Blue Jays will also be well-represented at the mid-season classic. Three current Jays – Vernon Wells, Jose Bautista and John Buck – will compete against three ex-Jays  – Chris Carpenter, Roy Halladay and Scott Rolen – on the National League squad.

 Justin Morneau, the pride of New Westminster, B.C., is the sole Canadian that will participate in the all-star game, unless, of course, you also count Corey Hart, the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder. No word on if he wears his sunglasses at night.

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  1. Totally agree with your comments on John McDonald, Encarnation, and Overby. I can’t believe how Overbay just stands and watches his hit ball before running–thought the very first rule in baseball was to hit the ball and run hard! Yes, Anne Murray is a great singer and also a very good athlete–very talented–Dad’s heartthrob.

  2. I completely agree with your fourth point. I’m old enough to remember when guys hit home runs, put their heads down, and trotted around the bases. No finger-pointing, chest-pounding, or God-thanking. You have no reason to be embarrassed about Anne Murray. My wife and I went to the Anne Murray Centre in Springhill, Nova Scotia a few years ago and I was shocked at how many hits she’s had (Anne, not my wife). Also, isn’t it great to see what Vladimir Guerrero is doing this year?

    Keep up the great work. You are the undisputed ambassador of Canadian baseball.

  3. The celebration is way over-rated. I think the first over-the-top home run celebration I vividly remember as a kid was Barry Bonds with the Pirates, dropping the bat and lifting his arms standing at home plate.

    I can see celebrating when winning a playoff game (R. Alomar, Joe Carter), but it seems the fourth inning home run strut is getting a little out of control.

    Remember Ruben Sierra’s playoff home run for the Yanks, I believe in ’95. Entertaining, but a little much!

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