Long Reads: Allan Roth: The story of the Canadian who was MLB’s first team statistician


Allan Roth (Montreal, Que.) calculated baseball statistics in his office before computers. Photo: National Baseball Hall of Fame By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada Before Bill James, Sabermetrics and FanGraphs, one determined Canadian helped start it all. Allan Roth was a 26-year-old former tie and suspenders salesman from Montreal, who had a passion for baseball... Continue Reading →


Don Drysdale played in Montreal and later died in the city


He was one-half of what many consider to be the best pitching duo in big league history. Hurling alongside Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale amassed 209 wins and regularly led the National League in hit batsmen during his 14 big league seasons. But while intimidation was a key part of his game, the fiery 6-foot-6 right-hander’s... Continue Reading →


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