But What Do I Know? . . . Jeff Francis, Fergie Jenkins, Babe Ruth, Larry Walker

Babe Ruth, who hit his only regular season minor league home run in Toronto, was born on this date in 1895. Photo: Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada Some Canadian baseball news and notes: -Congratulations again to former Colorado Rockies ace and London, Ont., resident Jeff Francis who was elected... Continue Reading →

But What Do I Know? . . . Jeff Francis, Tom Goffena, Pedro Martinez, John Ogiltree

My weekly observations and notes about some Canadian baseball stories: ·         The 2018 MLB Draft starts tomorrow with the first and second rounds. As a Canadian baseball junkie whenever the draft approaches, I always think of the 2002 Baseball America draft preview issue (pictured above) that featured Canadian left-handers Adam Loewen (Surrey, B.C.) and Jeff... Continue Reading →

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