Remembering Whitey Ford and his Canadian connections

By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada Who was Whitey Ford’s manager when he recorded the lowest ERA of his professional career? The answer is Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame inductee George Selkirk. The Huntsville, Ont., native was the dugout boss of the class-A Eastern League Binghamton Triplets in 1949 when Ford, then a fresh-faced 20-year-old,Continue reading “Remembering Whitey Ford and his Canadian connections”

But What Do I Know? . . . Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Raines, Justin Morneau

My weekly observations and notes about some Canadian baseball stories: • Last Sunday, former Montreal Expos superstar Vladimir Guerrero asked his Twitter followers what cap they would like to see him pictured in on his plaque if he’s elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame (He becomes eligible in 2017). Of the 24,804 votesContinue reading “But What Do I Know? . . . Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Raines, Justin Morneau”

Cooperstowners in Canada: Tony La Russa

Tony La Russa used to be a Mountie. No, not that kind of Mountie, although the legendary skipper, who will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 27, does have a law degree. What we’re referring to, however, is La Russa’s 1968 season with the Oakland A’s Triple-A Vancouver Mounties. TheContinue reading “Cooperstowners in Canada: Tony La Russa”

But What Do I Know? … Carlos Delgado, Russell Martin, Joey Votto

My weekly observations about stories around the baseball world from a Canadian perspective (Please follow me on Twitter: @kevinglewsports): – Now that Carlos Delgado is set to join the Toronto Blue Jays’ Level of Excellence this Sunday, it’s my hope that the next celebration of his career will take place at the Canadian Baseball HallContinue reading “But What Do I Know? … Carlos Delgado, Russell Martin, Joey Votto”

Ted Bowsfield: Penticton’s major league miracle

I thought I would resurrect this story that I wrote about Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Bowsfield in 2006. Bowsfield was one of the most fascinating former players I’ve ever interviewed. Hope you enjoy! *********************************************************** Ted Bowsfield: Penticton’s major league miracle He is Canada’s Teddy Ballgame. It’s an unlikely moniker for Ted Bowsfield whenContinue reading “Ted Bowsfield: Penticton’s major league miracle”