Long Reads: Frank O’Rourke: MLB’s oldest scout was a Canadian

Who is the oldest scout in major league history? Well, he was a Canadian named Frank O'Rourke who scouted until age 92 with the New York Yankees.

Long Reads: 1941: DiMaggio, Williams and the Canadian that became the American League’s first 20-20-20 player

Jeff Heath. Photo: Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada Fate and, some would say, karma, attempted to humble Jeff Heath. For no matter what the brash, broad-shouldered Canadian-born slugger did on a professional baseball field – and much of it was remarkable – he always seemed to be overshadowed. It’s... Continue Reading →

Seventy-five years ago, Dick Fowler became the first Canadian to throw a MLB no-hitter

By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada No one could’ve predicted that Dick Fowler would make history on September 9, 1945. Just eight days earlier, the 6-foot-4 Toronto native had returned to the Philadelphia A’s pitching staff after a 30-month term in the Canadian army. Though Fowler had pitched in a recreational league while in the... Continue Reading →

Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer Spotlight: Frank O’Rourke

His toughness was legendary. On many occasions, Frank O’Rourke “took the field so crippled up that every move caused him intense pain,” wrote Toronto Star sportswriter Charles Good in 1933. For 13 professional seasons, the Hamilton, Ont.-born infielder had persevered through sprained ankles, sore arms and the deep body bruises that accompany being perennially amongst... Continue Reading →

Votto to be awarded Tip O’Neill Award Saturday night in Cincinnati

From Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame: http://www.baseballhalloffame.ca Etobicoke, Ont., native Joey Votto will be awarded his 2010 Tip O’Neill Award in a brief pre-game ceremony prior to Saturday night’s game at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. This is the first Tip O’Neill Award for the reigning National League MVP, an honour presented annually... Continue Reading →

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