Long Reads: Canadian Russ Ford’s “secret” led to best rookie season in major league history

Russ Ford is in the bottom row, last player on the right in this 1910 New York Highlanders team photo. Photo: Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada If you look closely at the 1910 New York Highlanders team photo above, you’ll notice that Russ Ford (bottom row, far right) is... Continue Reading →

But What Do I Know? . . . Hank Aaron, Mike Soroka, James Paxton, Tom Henke

This is a wonderful photo of Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame inductees and Montreal Expos legendary executives Jim Fanning (far left) and John McHale (far right) with Hank Aaron on a special night at Jarry Park in 1974 to celebrate Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's major league home run record. Photo: Courtesy of Montreal Expos Museum... Continue Reading →

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