But What Do I Know? . . . Joey Votto, Edouard Julien, James Paxton, Michael Soroka

My weekly Canadian baseball news "But What Do I Know?" column discusses Joey Votto, Edouard Julien and James Paxton.

Book Review: Bases Loaded: Inside stories about Eli, Cro, Cy, Terminator and the Expos, by Danny Gallagher

By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada You could say that Danny Gallagher has hit a grand slam with his latest Montreal Expos book, "Bases Loaded." The veteran author, who has penned seven previous Expos books, has hit another one out of the park doing what he does best - tenaciously tracking down some less-talked-about or... Continue Reading →

Cooperstowners in Canada: Joe Morgan

By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada Bill James, baseball's most influential statistician, ranks him as the greatest second baseman in major league history, and fans that watched Joe Morgan play at Jarry Park would probably agree. In 43 games at the old Montreal ballpark, the 5-foot-7, 160-pound second baseman clubbed seven homers and recorded a... Continue Reading →

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