But What Do I Know? . . . Alex Anthopoulos, Damaso Garcia, Bud Black


My weekly observations and notes about some Canadian baseball stories: • Ah, the fickleness of fandom. I find it fascinating that some of the same fans that wanted Alex Anthopoulos fired in May are now the angriest that he’s leaving. Some baseball pundits have suggested that Anthopoulos would be a good fit with the Miami... Continue Reading →


But What Do I Know? … Prince Fielder, Jeff Mathis, Pedro Martinez


My weekly opinions, observations and rants about some Canadian baseball stories (Please follow me on Twitter: @kevinglewsports):  Wouldn’t it be boring if Prince Fielder re-signed with the Brewers and Albert Pujols re-signed with the Cardinals? This is looking more and more like a possibility.  A couple of things about Fielder: he was not... Continue Reading →


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