Canadian owner brought Babe Ruth to Red Sox

It was an optimistic Canadian named J.J. Lannin who secured the rights to Babe Ruth for the Boston Red Sox. Orphaned at age 14, Lannin had migrated from Quebec City to Boston in search of work in the 1880s. According to Bob Elliott’s groundbreaking book “The Northern Game,” the ambitious Lannin landed a job as... Continue Reading →

The greatest man that Babe Ruth ever knew was a Canadian

Without the love and guidance of a hulking, 6-foot-6 father figure from Nova Scotia, Babe Ruth likely wouldn’t have evolved into a baseball superstar. Throughout his career, The Bambino often referred to Brother Matthias, the Canadian disciplinarian at the St. Mary’s Industrial School in Baltimore, as the greatest man he ever knew. No longer able... Continue Reading →

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