Remembering Jackie Robinson’s season in Montreal

*Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackie Robinson Day, which is normally celebrated on April 15, was rescheduled to today. Here’s an article I wrote a few years ago and have been updating each year. It has never been more important to remember Jackie Robinson than right now, but when I re-read this today, I feelContinue reading “Remembering Jackie Robinson’s season in Montreal”

The greatest man that Babe Ruth ever knew was a Canadian

Without the love and guidance of a hulking, 6-foot-6 father figure from Nova Scotia, Babe Ruth likely wouldn’t have evolved into a baseball superstar. Throughout his career, The Bambino often referred to Brother Matthias, the Canadian disciplinarian at the St. Mary’s Industrial School in Baltimore, as the greatest man he ever knew. No longer ableContinue reading “The greatest man that Babe Ruth ever knew was a Canadian”