Jason Dickson reflects on Cooperstown class of 2014

After the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced its class of 2014 on January 8, former big leaguer Jason Dickson tweeted out congratulations to his “favourite player of all-time.” The Miramichi, N.B., native and current vice-president of Baseball Canada never had the opportunity to compete against Greg Maddux, but he greatly admired the soon-to-be CooperstownerContinue reading “Jason Dickson reflects on Cooperstown class of 2014”

Cooperstowners in Canada: Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux and Canadian baseball legend Fergie Jenkins have a lot in common. Both were right-handed pitchers who won Cy Young Awards with the Chicago Cubs and both are members of the exclusive 3,000-strikeout club. Both also did the No. 31 proud at Wrigley Field – so much so that the number was retired inContinue reading “Cooperstowners in Canada: Greg Maddux”