Baseball’s best “Valentines” on Valentine’s Day

Spitting and scratching are associated with baseball more often than love. But we, as baseball fans, do tend to wax romantic about our game, and its leisurely pace has inspired more than its share of trivia contests. One of my favourite pastimes is to dream up all-theme teams. For example, an “All-Fruit” baseball squad mightContinue reading “Baseball’s best “Valentines” on Valentine’s Day”

From my Blog – MLB’s best “Valentines”

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! So who is the best Valentine to play in the big leagues? It is Bobby? Ellis? Fred? Corky? Or maybe Joe? Here’s a link to my ranking: P.S. I also discovered an early 20th century player named Slim Love. By sheer coincidence his name is the title of myContinue reading “From my Blog – MLB’s best “Valentines””