Cooperstowners that were rumoured to be coming to Toronto


Phil Niekro, Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor and Rickey Henderson are Hall of Famers that once suited up for the Toronto Blue Jays. And Roberto Alomar will, of course, have his day in Cooperstown this summer. But in the club’s 34-year history, a number of other legends were also rumoured to be coming to Toronto. Part... Continue Reading →


But What Do I Know? … Fred Lewis, Alex Gonzalez, Jose Canseco


My weekly opinions, observations and rants about some Canadian baseball stories:  In batting stance only, Jays outfielder Fred Lewis bears a striking resemblance to Devon White. Unfortunately, he leads the league in one of its more dubious, unofficial categories: brain cramps. So far, Lewis has done enough at the plate to offset his mental... Continue Reading →


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