Book Review – The Tecumsehs of the International Association: Canada’s First Major League Baseball Champions


When the Toronto Blue Jays clinched their first World Series title on October 24, 1992, Canadians rejoiced. Tens of thousands spilled on to Yonge Street in Toronto where they hugged each other and broke into joyous renditions of the national anthem. Similar celebrations erupted in cities and towns across the country. The revelry was understandable... Continue Reading →


Batting average record-holder, Hugh Duffy, managed in Toronto


He grew up idolizing Cap Anson, so after Hugh Duffy signed with the Chicago White Stockings to play with his hero, he had to be discouraged by his Anson’s initial assessment of him. “Where’s the rest of you?” Anson reportedly snarled to the 5-foot-7, 150-pound Duffy. “This is all there is,” responded Duffy. “We already... Continue Reading →


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