He played for the Expos? . . . Lee Smith

By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada His overpowering fastball and late-inning dominance with the Chicago Cubs are the primary reasons Lee Smith was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame by the Today’s Game Era Committee in 2019. Some may even remember him as a menacing 6-foot-6, 260-pound closer with the Boston Red SoxContinue reading “He played for the Expos? . . . Lee Smith”

But What Do I Know? . . . David Price, Tony Lazzeri, John McDonald

My weekly observations and notes about some Canadian baseball stories: • Remember 1997. That’s what I tell Toronto Blue Jays fans bemoaning the loss of David Price and the fact that the club appears to be headed into 2016 without a bona fide ace in their rotation. The Blue Jays started 1997 with not onlyContinue reading “But What Do I Know? . . . David Price, Tony Lazzeri, John McDonald”