He played for the Blue Jays? . . . Dave Righetti

Dave Righetti made 13 appearances of the Toronto Blue Jays in 1994 By Kevin Glew Cooperstowners in Canada When someone mentions Dave Righetti, you're more likely to remember him as a young left-hander with the New York Yankees who on July 4, 1983 became the first Bronx Bombers pitcher to throw a no-hitter since Don... Continue Reading →

New Canadian ball hall inductee Dave Van Horne reflects on “El Presidente, El Perfecto!”

Dave Van Horne says it would be easy for him to claim that his famous “El Presidente, El Perfecto!” call after Dennis Martinez recorded the final out in his perfect game on July 28, 1991 was a spontaneous exclamation, but that wouldn’t be the truth. “I was working the telecast with Ken Singleton and in... Continue Reading →

But What Do I Know? . . . Pedro Martinez, Jeff Fassero, Willie Canate

[twitter-follow screen_name='coopincanada'] My weekly observations about stories around the baseball world from a Canadian perspective: - I'm reading Danny Gallagher and Bill Young's excellent new book, Ecstasy to Agony: The 1994 Montreal Expos. I'll post a review of the book in the coming weeks, but I can tell you it's chock full of interesting revelations about... Continue Reading →

But What Do I Know? . . . Cito Gaston, Roy Halladay, Jesse Crain

My weekly observations about stories around the baseball world from a Canadian perspective (Please follow me on Twitter: @kevinglewsports): - The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Marys, Ont., is offering fans a chance to own a piece of Toronto Blue Jays history. The ball shrine is selling seats from Exhibition Stadium, the first... Continue Reading →

Before he was A-Rod: Alex Rodriguez’s stint in Calgary

When the Seattle Mariners shipped Alex Rodriguez to the Calgary Cannons on August 2, 1994, the Triple-A club’s general manager Gary Arthur trumpeted the young shortstop as the “Mario Lemieux” of the 1993 Major League Baseball amateur draft. But even this lofty hockey comparison couldn’t convince Calgarians to flock to the 6,000-seat Foothills Stadium to... Continue Reading →

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