The Griffeys’ back-to-back homers came off a Canadian

When Ken Griffey Jr. announced his retirement earlier this month, I couldn’t help but think of Kirk McCaskill. Why you ask? Well, it was the Kapuskasing, Ont., native that served up back-to-back homers to Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. on September 14, 1990. It was the first – and only time – thatContinue reading “The Griffeys’ back-to-back homers came off a Canadian”

The Elite Six: Members of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Cooperstown

After Roberto Alomar is inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (CBHFM) in St. Marys today, he will likely be feted in Cooperstown in 2011. This got me thinking about how many players or managers are members of both the CBHFM and the National Baseball Hall of Fame? The answer, it turnsContinue reading “The Elite Six: Members of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Cooperstown”

Bob Feller not into Strasburgmania

One pitching legend who’s refusing to get caught up in Strasburgmania is Bob Feller. I loved his response this week, when a reporter asked him if he was excited that Strasburg would be pitching in Cleveland. Feller, fiery as ever at 91, responded, “Is he excited to see me? No. I’ll be here. If heContinue reading “Bob Feller not into Strasburgmania”

Roberto Alomar: Time to forget about the spit

With Roberto Alomar being inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Marys this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to reiterate my incomprehension that he fell eight votes short of first ballot induction into Cooperstown in January. Anyone – and I mean even the most cynical baseball fan –Continue reading “Roberto Alomar: Time to forget about the spit”

Andre Dawson: Should he be a Cooperstowner?

After being around Andre Dawson for a couple of days during his 2004 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame induction festivities, I came away with the sense that he was a quiet, intense man – definitely not the type to campaign for his own Cooperstown enshrinement. And while he complied with any autograph requests in St.Continue reading “Andre Dawson: Should he be a Cooperstowner?”

Dick Williams fired by Montreal

Picking up where I left off yesterday: In his biography, Williams describes how his demanding ways continued to anger some Expos players. The confrontational skipper’s clashes with Steve Rogers persisted and he rarely saw see eye-to-eye with Ross Grimsley, Jeff Reardon, Warren Cromartie and Ron LeFlore. During the 1980 campaign, he also sensed that supportContinue reading “Dick Williams fired by Montreal”

Dick Williams, Montreal and Steve Rogers

As I continue to weave my way through Dick Williams’ 1990 biography, No More Mr. Nice Guy (one of the finer athlete biographies I’ve read), it’s clear that the feisty Hall of Fame skipper enjoyed his time in Canada. After being fired by the Red Sox in 1969, Williams spent 1970 as Gene Mauch’s third-baseContinue reading “Dick Williams, Montreal and Steve Rogers”

Dick Williams’ “Impossible Dream” began in Toronto

In his candid biography “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” Dick Williams admits he was a “designated smart ass” during his playing career. A chronic shoulder injury hampered him as a player and eventually relegated him to a bench jockey role, where he became an expert at getting under the skin of opposing players. In 13Continue reading “Dick Williams’ “Impossible Dream” began in Toronto”